Floor Care And Services

Floor care is very importance. It is as important as the floor itself. One should know everything about the maintenance of floors how to add beauty to your floors. For the shine and durability of your floor, we must take care of the floors. By simple and quick ways one can easily protect hardwood floors.

There are three basic steps to preserve the shine and restore a floor’s securing surface:


Sanding is the first step of the procedure. This is the basic step and obviously very important step. Sanding is a process of rubbing and cleaning the hardwood floors by a caustic material. There are different types of floors like Timber, particleboard, cork and parquet that are sanded. To make floor flat the sander remove the old floor covering. Different machines are used in this process like the belt or drum sander. The edge sanding machines cover up corners, edges, cabinets, and staircase and make them sanded. For a final touch, a finishing machine is used.


Polishing is the second step and hence very important step of floor care. Polishing is exactly like one is keeping finish that is on the floor in contact. This step preserves the floor’s actual finish. With this procedure, small starches are filled up. We start polishing with a unique technique that is “feathering” when we apply polish to your floor. Polishing is a step that provides the smooth finish to the floor. To the main non-carpeted wood floor, electrical floor scrubber knows as floor polisher is used. The rotator circular pad forces out dirt and dust and gives a perfect shine to the floor.


Oiling is final or the last step. Without oiling the procedure of floor, maintenance is incomplete. For the perfect shiny hardwood, floor oiling is very important. Oiling gives a shine your floor that gives a unique touch to your house. Oil is water resistant that is famous for its natural look and ease of maintenance. You need to oil your deck, hardwood floor after every 6 to 12 months. Oiling gives a perfect finished look to the floor. It fills all the starches and damages.

These were the three basic steps for the maintenance of the floors. We as a team works to make our customers satisfied. www.nlwoodturners.org is here to make your floor furnished and unique.

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